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Our mission is to accelerate the energy transition

We leverage our deep energy sector knowledge to provide green hydrogen solutions to large-scale industrial, transportation, and power sector customers.

We are led by the conviction that renewable hydrogen is a key piece of the decarbonization puzzle. This drives our passion for our work.
Photos showing the different types of customers NovoHydrogen works with in the industrial, transportation, and power sectors

Reduce fuel price volatility and emissions with a reliable and safe zero-carbon alternative.

Affordable renewable hydrogen is the missing link to a clean energy future. Benefit from pay-as-you-go renewable hydrogen energy to avoid upfront costs and enjoy predictable long-term rates.

On-site Hydrogen

On-site Hydrogen and Oxygen from NovoHydrogen
Generate hydrogen where you need it with an on-site electrolyzer powered by renewable energy.

Off-site Hydrogen

Off-site Hydrogen and Oxygen from NovoHydrogen

Leverage the scale of off-site green hydrogen generation and have it reliably delivered
to your operations.

We focus on origination, project development, financial structuring, construction, and operations of green hydrogen projects to serve our customers.

You will find us in the field working with equipment
providers, contractors, landowners, and local communities to successfully execute projects for our customers.

Our Development Projects

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We collaborate with our customers and partners beyond just meetings and financial spreadsheets. We are on the ground with you to find answers to challenging questions.
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