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Who we serve

A one-stop shop for customers who need industrial-grade green hydrogen or e-fuels.

Decarbonize your supply chain and operations with a proven hydrogen technology that is scalable, low-cost, and dispatchable.

Our customers come from some of the most complex and tough-to-decarbonize industries. Dispatchable, reliable, cost-effective, and safe fuels and energy resources are essential to successful operations. Anything less is not an option.

NovoHydrogen has the technical knowledge, expertise, and partner network to provide decarbonized hydrogen technology that meets our customers’ goals.

Industrial Manufacturers

Minimize your costs and environmental footprint.

We serve large-scale industrial manufacturers that require hydrogen to run their processes. This includes, but is not limited to, manufacturers of glass, metals, semiconductors, steel, fertilizers, and alcohols.

Fleet Transportation Providers

Embrace the future with a low-cost reliable, zero-emission transportation fuel.

We collaborate with fleet transportation providers to offer hydrogen and hydrogen derivative e-fuels as long-distance transportation fuels for medium- and heavy-duty road vehicles, ocean-going vessels, and rail.

Power Sector

Meet regulatory targets, reduce energy uncertainty, and address emissions.

We work hand-in-hand with power providers and users that need a reliable, dispatchable, zero-carbon fuel solution. Industrial-grade green hydrogen and fuel cells or turbines can be used to replace peaker plants, provide long-duration storage, and serve as back-up power.

How can we help?

We collaborate with our customers and partners beyond just meetings and financial spreadsheets. We are on the ground with you to find answers to challenging questions.
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