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Our Solutions

Reduce price volatility and emissions while saving money with a reliable and safe zero-carbon alternative.

Benefit from pay-as-you-go green hydrogen and/or e-fuels to avoid upfront costs and enjoy predictable long-term rates.

On-site Hydrogen

Generate hydrogen where you need it with an on-site electrolyzer powered by renewable energy.

We work closely with top hydrogen equipment providers to bring the process of making green hydrogen to your facility. An on-site electrolyzer uses electricity produced from renewable sources to split water molecules, extracting the hydrogen. The result is an emission-free, cost-effective renewable gas or fuel for use at your facility.

Produce 100% emission free electricity on-site.

Fuel cells use hydrogen to produce 100% zero-carbon power that is easily dispatchable/controllable. The only byproducts? Water and heat.

The chemical process that takes place to produce electricity through fuel cells requires state-of-the art equipment, operational expertise, and technology. NovoHydrogen has the right partnerships and experience to provide these integrated services.

We have solutions for customers with larger power needs.

For larger power needs (>20MW), combustion turbines that utilize renewable hydrogen or e-fuels such as renewable ammonia provide an alternative 100% zero-carbon power source that is dispatchable.

Combustion turbines have traditionally run on fossil natural gas. New technology allows for the combustion of zero-carbon fuels to provide the same controllable power without the associated emissions from the combustion of fossil natural gas. NovoHydrogen partners with leading turbine manufacturers to provide this service to our customers.

Off-site Hydrogen

Leverage the scale of off-site green hydrogen generation and have it reliably delivered to your operations.

NovoHydrogen can reliably and safely transport green hydrogen to your facilities using trucks or through pipeline infrastructure. We leverage our network of large-scale hydrogen generators to tailor a solution that fits your needs. We handle the transportation logistics, allowing you to focus on your core operations. Ultimately you receive reliable, safe, and cost-effective decarbonized hydrogen gas or fuel at your facility under a long-term fixed price supply contract.

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