About NovoHydrogen

We are led by the conviction that zero-carbon hydrogen is a key piece of the decarbonization puzzle.

This drives our passion for our work. We leverage our deep energy sector knowledge to provide renewable hydrogen solutions to large-scale industrial, transportation, and power sector customers.


We have the right networks, expertise, and project experience.
NovoHydrogen is experienced at deploying and commercializing successful innovative energy transition technologies. Our extensive learnings from across the energy sector include developing solar, wind, and battery storage assets and oil & gas operations. This track record has given us real project experience that you can trust.


We are early movers in the renewable hydrogen space.
Our team has seats at important industry organizations that play a critical role in driving forward the future of renewable hydrogen.
NovoHydrogen is a member of the Renewable Hydrogen AllianceAmmonia Energy Association, World Hydrogen Leaders, and Responsible Steel. NovoHydrogen CEO & Founder, Matt McMonagle, sits on the supplier council of Industrial Energy Consumers of America (IECA). We are also a proud supporter of the Green Hydrogen Coalition.
Matt McMonagle, CEO & Founder

Matt brings a successful, diverse, and entrepreneurial background to NovoHydrogen with nearly a decade of experience in renewable energy. He founded NovoHydrogen to decarbonize industry, transportation, and power. Prior to founding NovoHydrogen, Matt was the first non-founder employee at Dimension Renewable Energy. He served as a Vice-President responsible for all aspects of the firm’s energy storage projects as well as supporting policy, origination, real estate, and corporate fundraising. These efforts contributed to a significant infusion of capital in spring 2021 from the Partners Group. Before Dimension, Matt was an integral part of the ForeFront Power leadership team, where his accomplishments included: driving energy storage strategy across the US, international expansion into Mexico and structuring tax equity for solar and energy storage assets. Prior to ForeFront Power, he was Chief of Staff for the Commercial & Industrial business unit of SunEdison reporting directly to the CEO of the group. Matt has dedicated his career to sustainable endeavors. He is passionate about deploying complex and innovative technologies that will decarbonize our society.

Matt completed a Master of Science in Sustainable Engineering from Villanova University in 2013. He holds a bachelor's degree in Physics from Cornell University, where he graduated cum laude while also excelling as a Division-1 athlete.

Manka Khanna, Chief of Staff

Manka is the Chief of Staff at NovoHydrogen, prior to which she worked for Shell for over a decade. She brings rich experience across strategy and competitive intelligence, business development and project development. As a business developer, she identified regional growth targets for Shell’s upstream business, and as a Strategic Relationship Manager, she was accountable for supporting Shell’s relationship with its high value partners and advising internal leadership on partner value proposition. She has led and actively contributed across a wide range of business and functional projects, including partner deep dives, new country entries, high capital project development and energy transition. She is passionate about sustainability, the scope for decarbonization, and the increasing role of renewable energy in our society.


Manka has an MBA in Sustainability from the Yale School of Management. She also holds a Bachelors of Technology in Petroleum Engineering from the University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, India

Lexi Zimmerman, Director of Origination

Lexi Zimmerman is a passionate change agent who is most interested in how technology can enable companies to achieve ambitious sustainability goals. She focuses on origination at NovoHydrogen. Prior to assuming her current role at NovoHydrogen, Lexi served as a Business Development and Innovation Manager at UL. Her focus was on collaboratively discovering and prioritizing unmet industry needs within sustainability and launching new solutions to meet those needs.


Lexi completed her Masters in Sustainability Leadership from the University of Cambridge in 2018. She also holds a Bachelor's degree in Environmental Studies from the University of Michigan.


We value being humble, diligent, and open to solving complex problems.
NovoHydrogen collaborates with customers and partners beyond just meetings and financial spreadsheets. We are customer-focused and will be on the ground with you to find answers to challenging questions.

Our Promise

We prioritize transparency, straightforward communications, and sticking to the facts.
We understand that navigating the hydrogen industry can be challenging, with complex market dynamics, industry processes, and compliance issues to consider. NovoHydrogen is here to translate and simplify all the options for you.


We come to work every morning with a focused attitude and a passion for decarbonizing society.

If you are interested in joining our team, please email careers@NovoHydrogen.com.

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We collaborate with our customers and partners beyond just meetings and financial spreadsheets. We are on the ground with you to find answers to challenging questions.
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