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Green Hydrogen Conquering Decarbonization’s Toughest Challenges: Matt McMonagle Talks Climate Solutions on Inside ESG

We’re thrilled to share that our founder and CEO Matt McMonagle was recently featured as a guest on the Inside ESG podcast. Matt engaged in an illuminating conversation with host, Maureen Upton, peeling back the layers on the indispensable yet complex role of green hydrogen across the clean energy transition. This enlightening episode explored critical topics from hydrogen’s climate impacts to conquering decarbonization challenges in hard-to-abate sectors. Listen in as Matt unpacks the nuances around various hydrogen types, the tailwinds propelling adoption, groundbreaking use cases like powering urban cityscapes, and more. Matt also shares insights around the versatility of green hydrogen, NovoHydrogen’s unique business model, and why collaboration is vital to deploy diverse decarbonization tactics. Tune into this forward-looking discussion gaining insights around the burgeoning green hydrogen landscape.

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